D2: A Room with a View

HE got up at three o’clock, pulled his uniform to get ready for work. While I got up at the same time, sit up propping the memory pillows behind me,a promise of a good night sleep leaving much to be desired, pulling my laptop and eyeglass ready to write. In the middle of a queen size bed on my right is a 4×6 feet plastic table documents sparsely scattered, a printer and a monitor sitting on top. On the left is a metal rack filled with everything including the kitchen sink. Adjacent is an unfinished bathroom still dusty from the days’ work close to it is a closet partly filled with clothes. The towering 46″ tv inoperative as still unhook to a cable. Stretching my legs, fingers unmoving, nothing is in action except for the wriggling of my toes. If only it could offset what my hands are incapable of in this half finished room and bath. THe dog growling at the door wanting to go out, not me, I am not your owner, go upstairs I have to wriggle my toes.
Taking my eyes away from the screen, nothing to view, except for blackness. Blag, blong, toink, the garbage truck announcing its presence. In symphony is the tick tock of the clock and finger tapping on keyboard, my toes stop wriggling. Because of technicality I accidentally deleted a previous piece, going around with wordpress still a big question for me.
In order to not get annoyed I went back to bed, there i made another story.
This is a third piece of the same title, it is now lunchtime, sitting on the chair facing a window outside is a landscape of trees and falling leaves, the shining sun and dark clouds chasing each other, but from the grapevine todays’ weather is generally fine.
Safe from bad weather inside this unfinished room and half finished story I’d rather leave. I hope not to be redacted get this technically right.


What do you think?

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