Twenty minute story

And so it happened that at the end of the day, decisions and acknowledgement are over, as footsteps treading upstairs, snoring heard around the house, yet peace was still the ultimate goal in that household. The cats’ continuous meowing woke them up while the dog with its wagging tail and round eyes roaming the backyard. It must be hallucinating when from the corner of its eyes a buck went by, stopped shortly by the orchard perhaps in search of something, no, just passing by, as all the others were. Bears came by this morning, too. Even with all the stories going around, to change whats brewing in the atmosphere is an enormous attempt. One needed to get over and make bigger steps.
And so my fingers tapping the keyboard, but my mind empty, when this morning ideas teeming, i must be hallucinating, too, when imagining myself a writer. As all the others are, capturing the stories that needed to be told, when the time came, like a deer it left as swiftly as it came. Only the running dog, now with its speed couldn’t even catch the trail left behind.
I told myself, stay quiet and calm, keep an eye though, a dog that bite a man is not news, the world is full of abnormalities when did a man has bitten his dog. But if you think about it, he turned it into a stew it tasted better that it is now an aphrodisiac for the gourmet eaters.
Keep writing as i am looking at this piece, i remember the cat at the beginning of this story it has came back from its sortie, curled in the corner eyes closed. Do cats dream? Perhaps, he might hallucinate to be a dog in the next lifetime so he could ran as fast and eat as much. But right now it is happy curled in the corner, dreaming to be a dog. His only wish is not to turn into stew or an aphrodisiac for the gourmet eaters.
That same buck that came by is now in the hands of hunter, its throat slit, ready to become a meat of a story.
The bear that stopped by is running for its life, its the season for bear hunting soon.
I could sit here all night and day, but i have to turn in my story. The deer came but it left so fast, the bear stop by but i won’t endanger myself, only the dog who is my friend is beside me now, while the cat quietly sleeps in the corner

What do you think?

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