Daily Post: Commit to a Writing Practice

The first time i saw and that includes me, people in meditation, there was this immediate presumption, this activity is going to be quick and painless. Sitting there, legs folded, arms upward, eyes open staring at the wall. Not only that the lecture was delivered by a soft spoken speaker dressed in a subdued and simple clothing, his voice calm and gentle, the lecture short, simple and concise using basic language not needing complicated definition. Not to mention that attendees to the meeting were assured of comfort and ease physically. As an audience the fear of not able to go through is far from ones thoughts, any doubts about the practice instantly disappears right at the start.
Resistance rarely appears at the start.
Once i started sitting, the first four to five minutes is good. Immediately after that the battle begins in the mind. Staring at the wall looking at stupidity, since when did this start? Incognito, i look at the one beside me, envy creeping on my shoulder, how do they do it? Towing the line, i yell at myself concentrate! I try for a minute, until my body complains. Knees gets pain, back aches, shoulder blades stressed out, temperature gets humid if not freezing, until the room gets small.
Now i am asked to commit to writing practice. My fourth. THe battle of resistance has began. Convinced though this is not stupidity, still I read with envy articles of my co writers their words flowing giving life to a once empty story. The glue chair is here and now my body is complaining my knees, back and shoulders aching, when will this end.
Until now, worry is still on my sleeve, technical operations of wordpress is desired. Writing is the last thing on my list. I should have registered on blogging 101, perhaps it is what i need. Never like blogging in the first place, never thought that I’d cross this path. But I will continue writing, wherever this leads me, writing or blogging I have to face my fear. WHen the sun rises tomorrow, no, I wouldn’t even wait for the sun, I will come by as early as I could, check comments and posts, more so, if my blog will come out as a blog. Though I can’t even promise, perhaps as soon as I finish this piece, give myself a few minutes to check how wordpress works on my blog.
Never a fan of blogging, never believe in what it can do to this writing passion, but I am loving technology. If i lose this piece, goodbye my darling.


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