D3 Celebrating three songs that are significant to me

So they say, a person  cannot deny his/her age  by the  songs they sing.  The advent of karaoke ( Japan) and videoke ( Philippines) is a milestone in the entertainment industry laying the platform for the amateurs to belt their heart out complete by an accompaniment of the same pre recorded musical instrument that professionals use. Reminds me of those songs that I kept on singing to perfection hoping to sound like an original.

And because of this I am  apprehensive to divulge songs that were significant to me, i bet  readers would guess my age, as I do unto others.

Back when i was a teen ager, I love all songs by Dionne Warwick. But the best was the one that begins this way  “You see this guy, this guys’ in love with you”, which I associate with my very first crush, he was tall and dark, when i look at his eyes it speaks of kindness and gentleness. I was aware at that age that crushes are just that, but everytime i hear that song the gentleness and kindness in the singers’ voice instantly brings that feeling of excitement each time my crush pass by. In fact, if my memory serves me right I grew my first big pimple during that time ,so big that my friend teased me about being in love (she didn’t know who my crush was). I was good at keeping secrets. Until now when I listen to this song, my heart goes pop, the teasing voices comes afresh and i touch the scar is all that remains from the  huge pimple on my face.

The next song is Lady by Jack Jones. Its significance is from the fact that my father would always play this song in our big player after work at the end of the day. We had a dog named Lady based on this song. My father died from a vehicular accident while walking on the way home coming from a friends party while wearing the blue shirt that I gave him. The first and only gift that i was able to give him. I was working in the big city back then when one day one of my co workers apprise me casually that she was on her way to see her husband who lives in the same hometown where my family was and that if i wanted to send something to my family? I know that a small package or bag wouldn’t bother my co worker’s baggage and the only thing that came into my mind was buy my father a pair of  black pants and  aqua blue collared shirt. The same shirt I gave he was wearing when he met the accident. Much later though i learned that he didn’t like the black pants, he never had black pants in his closet. He was superstitious about anything black especially clothes as it predicts death.




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