D4 Serially Lost (Part 1 of 3)

Today, write about a loss. The twist: make this the first post in a three-post series.

Going to casino is the last thing on my mind. For me a hard earned money is not worth wasting in gambling where the only winner are the casino owners. My mother in her older years use to play cards with her friends only as a diversion but which I am partial, I wish she would spend her time going out instead of cooped up in a table with deck of cards playing with people who seem miserable and greedy to win than playing as a past time.  Gamblers are undisciplined, no self control, low lifers, no dignity, undeserving of decency  because they submitted themselves to the lowest level of personality. Except for my mother, she is non of the above, having done her job together with my father in raising us, she has decency. Yet I am still partial and voice out disagreements in this activity once in a while. Once in a while, too, aware of my opposition,  she comes home proudly announcing her winnings in a way appeasing me , sneering at her fellow players, how she duped them or how smart she is, either way,  she lets me know that gambling is not all about losing money. Sometimes.

One day I came to visit my aunt in California. A nice and loving lady, still single and now  semi retired, with a lot of spare time on her hands. I didn’t know she goes to casinos three times a week. California has various  Indian Reservations that they turned into casinos to raise funds for these people, i hope readers know the story, which i don’t want to expound here. To drive home my point, I became a constant companion for her visits to these places.  My plan was just to be there and search out for other opportunities like visiting museums, learning history or shopping. As she was driving I feel that we were going deep into the woods. It later dawned on me that these casinos are located right in the territory of Indian people, I was looking for them upon arrival, instead I saw a huge  building,  complete with modern amenities and facilities to cater to a modern man. No Indians in sight.

With no intention of squandering money, or look like low lifers, undisciplined and undignified I sat on a corner trying to map out a plan of action for myself. Instead my aunt took me to one of the slot machines, pick out a spot for me to sit and handed me some bills. I was tempted to put the bills in my pocket and spend it on something worthwhile.

But she showed me how to pull the stick on the right side of the machine, it was easy. I put the coins in, pull down the sitck and voila, watch out for winning combinations. In the beginning, i see that i was losing, losing, losing. My aunt told me to move to another machine. I did what i was told. I inserted the coins and pulled the stick harder. Cling, cling cling, clang, turning to my aunt, asking “what was that”? “You are winning” was her response. Now it feels good, i just realized. Beginner’s luck so they say. To get me  more involve in gambling. First it gave me the high, imagine doubling my money by just pulling that stick. There is no need to spend for food in a casino because you get reward points which they use for us to get our food. “I’ll pay for your food, just come and play”, i  heard it on a radio on one of a casinos’  commercials. One could never eat so much food, even how greedy he/she is

So now I am winning, hooray. What the heck, this is easy, i thought to myself. I stayed in that machine, sometimes i win, sometimes i lose. Until i lost everything and was back to zero.



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