D5: Be brief

You discover a letter on a path that affects you deeply. Today, write about this encounter. And your twist? Be as succinct as possible.
While gathering my old books one day I stumble upon a short note inside a book. It came from a lover of long time ago. even if i don’t read the note i knew who it came from, in fact i expected back then that i’d stumble this short note today. gazing at the paper in its original fold, on that clean sheet are letters in blue ink  written all caps, daring and strong .  i saw his face deep in my memory. inside the classroom i was preoccupied taking notes and listening to teacher. then he appeared by the door showing his face my concentration was lost. 
for a second the excitement  refresh both in my heart and groin. youth….. i wish to be back there.
putting the note aside,  making sure there is no other note,  afraid to be a subject of ridicule from unsuspecting eyes. and to feel young makes the heart keep pounding to the point of ridicule.  Let me lay my cards down,  i remember tucking that piece of note in that book, wishing that someday, someone would discover it, except me. if someone else has discovered that note, would he/she think highly of me? that i was once desirable and attractive to the opposite sex? that’s what i want them to believe.
now my memory is haunting me. Do i think highly of myself? that i was once desirable and attractive?
let me think it over, if you don’t mind.             




What do you think?

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