D7: A Character-Building Experience

Today, you’ll write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014. In your twist, develop and shape your portrait further in a character study.

She is an 88 year old lady, not that she need a walker, but for safety reasons, besides that is where her portable oxygen tank is, when she walks around the building. Her bent back is a result of years working needlework. Her white teeth showed in a sweet smile when i told her I was interested in looking at her work, “you are most welcome anytime”. Her small apartment is a picture of years of creativity as she pulled the door, her bed was fixed and tidy, sheets neatly laid on top, pillows prop gently on the headboard. Scanning the walls of her room were pieces of artwork, an egg carton where the egg casing itself or holes painted with bright blue color in it were different kinds of button raised on a platform looking like peeking button eyes, wall decors that came from an old orthodox church in Bronx, more needlework on plastic canvass, one that can be used as pendant for necklaces, otherwise she joins them together as wall hanging. As she heads back to her chair beside the bed, she lowered the volume of the tv.
“I just came from the hospital”, she volunteered without being asked, picking up some documents. Told her I am interested in documenting her work but I am not yet sure as to how to go about it. Smiling back at me followed by an uninterested look. I continued my exploration on her walls, tables, cabinet door, as her voice behind me trailing with explanation on each item I inquired. Her knowledge of any object that I pointed out even without her examining it is evident. I wish to write about her.
She has more intricate and fascinating works due to space limitation I can’t post them all. Everytime I look at her, I could see creativity written all over her hands and face. Here I am at midlife starting to get in touch with my creative side compared to this lady double my age who has done remarkable things in her life. Her brain works in such a way that her age is not a hindrance to what she can do.
The Button


I may not be like her, but this is how I envision my life to be. Be creative even in my old age.


What do you think?

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