D8: Death to Adverbs

Go to a local café, park, or public place and report on what you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind.

Marching toward the left corner of the street i know this hamburger chain around here with my growling stomach clamoring lunchtime, its been empty since this morning. Nearing the door, I find my face suddenly a few inches away from the door jamb, now wide open, popping out a stroller with a kid and a mother pushing from behind. Holding on the door and waiting till they are out and safe is my only option, “going out the door should be pulled in not pushed out”, I wish to tell them, but its no use now. Pulling the door with all my strength I hop in, avoiding a slamming door from behind and before someone else comes crashing again. Looking ahead and checking the line, I ask myself “is my hunger worth waiting in line?”, while looking on the crowd at the counter. Catching my attention is a lady sitting on the chair a cellphone on her left ear uttering in a foreign tone, her food untouch on the table, beside her a small kid crunching french fries, i wish I”ll have mine. Cupping his coffee and nothing else on his table except for a newspaper, an elderly man sits across this lady. “No sitting if you are not buying food” a message posting on a wall. Moving on to the counter, goggling over the menu and contemplating my order, it was confusing there is a crowd but no line at all. A hollering “next” from the counter shuffle the crowd, somebody emerge in front of me, giving me a signal that I am next in line. Five seconds. “Nexxxxxt!!!” shouted the girl from the middle lane. Nudging my way through and finally coming face to face with this pony tail, black hair lady, all I need to say is “number 5” then “to stay”. Pulling my card out of my wallet, swiping it in the machine, pressing a couple of buttons, then she cut off the receipt and gave me my copy. I stepped aside and let the person behind me get in front of the counter for her turn to place her order.
Viewing the people preparing our order is watching a show. One guy opens the bottom cabinet, out came paper cups, stocks them beside the soda machine, he pulls one out positioning it under the name coke then fills it to the top. Grabbing and laying the tray on the counter, resting the cupfilled soda, going back to the food machine, checking which order is ready and delivering them to the right trays. One by one, orders are called, hearing my number I squeeze in between the people around me to pick up my food. Both hands on my tray, my eyes scouring for an available table, i am strutting forward to one where the occupant is standing up and getting ready to leave. Securing the table as soon as her back turned I centered my tray on the table, then slumped on the seat. I peeled the straw inserted in the cup hole, sipping the soda quenching my thirst. Checking my french fries, putting one into my mouth it goes. Lively chatting across me are two older women, mixing sugar into the steaming coffee. I unfolded the wrapper from my hamburger, sink my teeth into it, this is good, was all i am thinking.


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