D9: Point of View

For today’s assignment, write a scene at the park. Up for a twist? A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.

Today’s twist: write the scene from three different points of view: from the perspective of the man, then the woman, and finally the old woman.

The man:
Let me get my hands wrap around hers, this is what most women love. While she is here, I won’t let go off her. She has been with me through all these years and hope she works with me in this relationship. Women are so difficult to understand, they say yes, then presumes that we know its no. Two days ago we’ve been here, she wasn’t talking. Today i have to come and see her for something important that she needs to say. I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to work tomorrow. Doesn’t she understand? I hope this is not one of those menopausal mood most women have. Look at that old lady knitting on a bench. I never remember my mom doing any of those. She was always behind my Dad’s ass, then yelling “shots, where are you?” when he goes away for a couple of minutes.I hope my Dad is up there above the hills looking at all these trees, just the way he wanted it.

Oh f— sh—-, something hit my eyes, what was that? The more i scratch, the more it hurts. She’s pulling my hands away from eyes, i think there’s something in my hands irritating my eyes. I am looking at my fingers and she’s pointing out powdered black thing. “It’s the black pepper from the restaurant, you did not wash your hands”. She handed me some tissue paper to wipe the tears from my eyes, as we were getting closer by that old lady sitting on a bench knitting her sweater.

The Woman:

His clasp is always strong. I love this feeling of strength from my man, making me feel safe and secure. I’m glad my shoes are not high heeled, otherwise this is going to be agonizing walk in the park. He walks fast. “Hey, this is a walk in the park not a marathon, why don’t we slow down?” I have to yell at this guy, he is almost pulling me, let me pull him back. See, now you’re learning a lesson. “Why don’t we just turn around and take the car, so you don’t have to rush me?” I quipped. He wants to show me around, the places he use to go when he was young. But now he is surprised that some areas weren’t there like the pond with some fishes, told him, ” they’re dead, what do you expect, that was a long time ago”, trying to inject humor at the same time. This guy never stops talking, never runs out of topics. Alright I’ll let you talk since I need ideas for my writing post. If i like gardening, he asks, I am not sure, i said, I never had the time. I had beautiful orchids back then that my mother takes care, she was the one who had a green thumb. Me, I want to give it a try. He is rubbing his eyes, something’s wrong, he’s hurting. I pulled his hands off from his eyes because scratching won’t do any good. I look at his hands and there were spots of black, i could still smell the black pepper. He didn’t wash his hands. I took out some tissues from my pocketbook handed it to him while the old lady bend down to pick up the spool of yarn that fell from her bag.

The old woman:
Finally, a couple coming this way, I wonder what they’re up to today. Hooking, unhooking and manipulating the needles into the red yarn, maybe next time I would try to combine another color, this red is too bright. I might give this to Frances my good friend, i know she’s not interested into knitting she would surely appreciate this. Right needle insert into the loop, take the working strand, wrap around that needle, pull it through the front of the loop, I need to make twenty of this stroke then at the end I will switch to continental stitch. What’s he doing, wiping tears in his eyes, tears? A guy crying? Right needle into the loop, take the working strand, wrap around the needle, pull it through. But they’re hands are tightly clasped together before they got here. Are they in a relationship? Is he in trouble? Is he crying? Is he gay? Maybe that is what he is telling her, it still hard for him to face this reality. Back in my age and time there were no gays and lesbians around. Probably there were but they were not so open like today. I never knew that my hairdresser had a wife and three children. “This is what looks good for you”, in a gay inflecting voice, showing me a magazine of a new hairstyle when i come to see him. Though i must admit I never seen him dressing up like a girl execept for this gay inflection speech. So they’re classified as homosexual, transgender, transexual, bisexual, crossdresser. Are the Muslims right when they say that the west are evil because of this gays and lesbians thing? Who knows? I am going to die sooner if not later. I better stop this knitting before dinner, tonight I am going to play binggo at the game room and give my fingers a break.


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