D15: Third Time’s the Charm

The Bag and the Generation Gap

“Did you find my small bag, the one where I put my shaving kit, that’s also where I put my medicines?” looking at me with mouth open expecting answers like going to an information booth where all the lost and found objects are. Pointing at the stack of bags behind my seat inside the  escape,

“that small black bag is there.”  “You left it all upstairs in the bathroom,” his arms up.

You were the last one upstairs, you should have check those”  I had to defend myself  while seating comfortably in the vehicle. Traveling is a time when questions such as, “have you seen this or that?” is expected.

After one of my Uncle died, my aunt  invited me to go on vacation together with another of her friend, island hopping. I was elated and felt special as there were a bunch of us nieces to choose from although, was equally hesitant because I am bridging a generation gap.  I grew up in a conservative culture where the young should always revere the old which means their needs always takes precedence before the younger ones.  The fun of island hopping is jumping inside my head; blue sky, white sand, crabs, lobsters, shrimps,  something I can’t watch passing by. To compensate for this,  how to tow the line in case I come face to face with her which is not remote, was  in place.  So we went from airport to hotel, stayed in a friends’ house, then to airport, then hotel then another friends house then airport. Everything was going on smooth and easy that the generation gap  I was worried about wasn’t even a question at all. There was none. Slowly I let loose each and every day that we were together. We had fun and enjoy the beaches, food, night outs, or just plain sitting under the moonlight. I think by the end of our trip I loosen up all the way.

And it all happen at the last leg of our trip from the airport to our house. We have to be at the airport two hours before boarding time. The moment we found our seats on the waiting lounge, all bags and luggage went on the floor. Once in a while one or two of us strays to nearby stores window shopping but after a few minutes we’re back with our bags. A famous movie personality came by we craned our necks, but that’s it. Finally the speaker went off announcing that boarding time for passengers will now begin on this particular gate. So we pick up all our bags then casually walk to the gate. We got home safe and sound then my aunt inquired from me about a specific bag. After so much recalling it turned out her bag has been in my possession all the time and in the end I left it at the airport. In my mind I remember that incident, but I was wondering why my aunt didn’t pick it up herself. 

All those time  we were traveling all my “yes, I got it”  response to all the “where?” questions  was a presumption that I was in charge. Just when I thought I bridged a generation gap, at that moment I found myself  irresponsible and immatured.  In justifying my action mentally I told myself I am on vacation I didn’t know I am playing the role of security guard for her. Or that was what I did to solve our generation gap and enjoy my vacation.




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