D16 Your Personality on the Page

Basic Fear Basic Strength

They used to visit me in my dreams, unknown creatures or monsters, a mix of  human, animal, and plant, sometimes their eyes are red like fire,  gnashing teeth ready to devour, it crawls and it flies as it pleases, it craves for flesh and thirsts for blood that’s mine, they want me dead, I tried to  run but i froze, my heart pounding as it gets closer. It wanted to kill me, but then it won’t. I am not afraid of death, take me if they wish to, just don’t show me that gruesome, morbid and spine tingling details the way its depicted in print and in vision that gives business and entertainment, look at how much money they make in the name of fear.

Long time ago, they said people die of hunger and so did I believe, scared to die hungry. In Africa or Ethiopia or other third world countries they show  tracts of land parched and dry,  nothing grows, where men, women and children whose hands held empty plates are begging for food. But then I found out what was shown in the papers were only a portion of Africa or Ethiopia. Rather it is greed that causes mans’ hunger. God has provided enough for mans’ needs. Greed is when those powerful ten percent owns ninety percent of the world’s wealth leaving the powerless ninety percent scampering over the ten percent world’s wealth.

Fear can take me away from my family who raised me where i felt loved and appreciated, or take me away from my friends who I turn to in moments of darkness, or take me away from my community where I belong protected and secure. Yes, I sense fear when alone and insecure but I won’t be afraid because for every season when leaves start falling from trees it paves a way for the snow to land on its branches, providing the needed interlude until the forthcoming blossoms then spring comes  when flowers and fruits are ready for harvest and summer is when we sit outside appreciating the warmth of the sun on our skin.

Fear? You’re asking me? I gave it up. In fact I am signing a waiver so no one is liable.


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