Dear Me

Dear Me,

Looking back at the year behind, aren’t you just grateful about how this writing passion transformed your life. Last year this time remember how wordpress came into your life? It was actually a second attempt because the first time there was trouble in the registration process. Then slowly you were learning about it,  now a stable relationship is establish. Writing, a vision fit to a T, as one of your personal development goals in life. Nothing is impossible. Stay focus. No one around you knows about this thing. How you find the internet so helpful in fulfilling this dream. To think that you have accomplish a lot since the beginning, not that you have to tap your shoulder. But yet, at times there are moments when giving up is easy. This is a lonely battle, a reminder to yourself. Where resistance comes like a thief in the night. You tried to go out with friends thinking that these associations are needed, but at times they burn you out. At first you were ashore playing by the waves after a while the water gets deeper, then panic sets in because you are not a good swimmer. Sitting in your bed, looking at the screen, nothing comes out. Asking yourself how to begin. You are constantly asking, constantly beginning. But it’s only a year, give yourself a break. This is a time to retrace, recheck, and start again.


4 thoughts on “Dear Me

  1. I Think all of us are all constantly starting again where writing is concerned it is an endless series of editing and I think life is often similar except we have to go through it without the editing. To me this piece says you have come very far with your writing and every time you write you get further and grow more as a writer.


  2. I think this says a whole lot in a few words. It tells me that you are finding yourself as a writer and becoming more confident about writing. I also hear you saying that writing is becoming one of your passions and that you are dedicated in improving. I will write more in the “comments” on the blog. Thank you for sharing this!

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