Auditing My Brand

I must admit this is getting into my nerves. Customizing, appearance,  etc. etc. etc. When the computer first came into our office I was the original tech geek. Wordstar 5, Lotus 123. I taught my co workers how to operate them. Even when microsoft office came, I had no trouble using it. All I need to do is sit in front of the monitor, read the instructions do it and follow it. There was no need for me to go into training. The computer was the most exciting event in my life, I could do anything with it, play with it, and still be productive.

That was before. Last week I saw the pointer on my screen shaking uncontrollably. Clicking the left, right, up or down buttons did nothing to stabilize it not even taking it away from the same spot. This is not good, this calls for a need to purchase a new laptop, another expense and I am jobless. An immediate thought. But wait, maybe turning it off then on would solve this problem. It did. I was happy, only for a few seconds as soon as  I continue tapping the keyboard the same thing happened, pointer shaking. I disabled the mousepad and was using the touch screen while the thought of buying a new laptop lingers. Another option was to attach a mouse. After buying one the question of portability was the next issue so I discarded them as soon as I attach it. I went on clicking the disable/enable button mousepad and something lights on and off on my taskbar, out of curiosity I click that taskbar. I soon discovered that my ASUS laptop mousepad has specific gesture for one, two or three fingers which I never bothered to study. Two years ago, I held this laptop right out of the box, glancing at the big picture instructing what to do right after unpacking, it was easy. There is no need to read, just look at the picture. And since that time I was using the mousepad the way I did with an ordinary mouse, one finger stroke with the help of alt/shift button. I didn’t realize this pad is sensitive it reacts with slight interaction with my palm. It finally grew tired of me as I am using it the wrong way for two years. Learning new things and relearning the old. I am glad that the pointer pointed me the right way in using the mousepad and now it is working peacefully. And I am back in business.



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