What’s happening?

Each time I click on the commons I am tempted to answer the question above, “nothing is happening right now!”. It’s been two weeks (in fact, as of now 11/4/14  5:46 am EST its over) since blogging 201 began and I am still in customization, branding, digging. Envy tugs my heart reading at some of the posts, how do they do that?  I am not quite sure why I registered. What I’m certain is the kick I got in writing 101 kept the ball rolling for me joyfully anticipating it’ll be the same apple. I check at postaday, weekly challenge, daily prompts to try my luck. And my brain freezes. I read some posts there. The more my brain freezes. I sit down and open a new post, after a few minutes, the same white screen. I don’t want to say its a “writer’s block”, it will be a privilege to be one, but I am not a writer yet. To thaw out my frozen brain I went out with a friend a couple of days, but I soon discover its fun to go out, then lose precious time. Another thing I do is cross stitching. I have been loving it so much that I mostly end doing those except writing. So I am doing what writers recommend, do other things except writing. It seems then I enjoy doing other things. But I never give up. Perhaps those things were just what was needed at that time. Today I am starting a new leaf. And maybe I’ll check again my branding, digging into social media, or customization until I get the look that I want in my page. I am proud to say though I’m beginning to like what I see on these pages. Also, I’ll do some cross stitch. Right now there are two more projects waiting for me. But that could wait. Or I’ll go out with my friends, that’s not a problem. What about reading? You see the reason I stop doing that is the same exact reason that’s haunting me again, taking much of my time. This looks like we are all competing against time, my writing, my reading, my good time, my cross stitching. Oh, not to mention my activities to live, sleep, or eat, or work. Wait, wait, where’s my love life, i want to cry, there is no romance in my life. What’s happening? Let me just go back to writing for now.


What do you think?

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