Planting a Lyric Seed: Very Superstitious

Very superstitious, writing on the wall,  my head sways side to side hearing an old familiar music composed and sang by Stevie Wonder. By this time you’re guessing my age. Except for that age thought, nothing comes in my mind. Next song please,  something more positive? My mind beg off. I tune in to more inspirational and thought provoking music and at the last minute scold myself  for being wishy washy. Very superstitious, ladders ’bout to fall.  I could feel the vibrating cadence  rhyming with the lyrics, a cheerful sound, giving me that bouyancy for a bouncy movement.  My radio ceased playing but  the music is still in my head its beat flowing into the blood into my head and shoulders making  it sways. R&B, a music genre that sprouted during slavery period, people love them because it excites and inspires just what the slaves needed when they were beaten down, weaken and depressed. Perhaps that’s what I experience when I used to listen to this back when i was young, inspiration and excitement evoking deep inside me. I downloaded the lyrics,  read it over and over, nothing in its words tugs at the heart. But the more I read the lyrics the more I see the world from Stevie Wonder’s eyes, blind from birth, born six weeks premature,  musician, singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, signed his first contract with Motown at age 11 his records made over 100 million in sales. There was no writing on the wall, no ladders, no looking glass, he doesn’t even know what he looks like.  When you believe in things you don’t understand, then you suffer. He was African American, worst is he was blind. He didn’t see the difference in the  color of skin: black or white, his ethnicity: African or American, the only thing he knew and understand was he could hear. Family and friends gave him hope by feeding superstition to compensate his lack of sight. Rid me of the problem, do all that you can. And he understood them all, when the body suffers the soul understands. What the body can’t communicate the soul delivers.  It delivers inspiration, hope, revelation and vision through music.



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