Literate for a Day (Letter to a Daughter)


I got a couple of missed call from a friends’ niece who I talk to very seldom. Someone told me her four months old daughter at times would pick up any unattended cellphone, push any button and my name has greater probability to be chosen because it begins in letter A. My phone was on my hand this time when I got the call so I decided to “talk” to her. I conducted the conversation in an adult manner, asking question and she would reply in her own child talk which really were monosyllables, what was surprising was the timing in answering and asking, when I talk she listens, when she talks I listen, someone was listening to me and I gave an impression to having a serious conversation with someone. She was so cute, and this is what I want to tell her if she were my daughter.

To the daughter I wish I had,
Being a woman is a gift from god, which we must appreciate, the origin of a child is a mother and is a woman, and the woman is the one who love, shares and shows a man love, sharing and caring.
(Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe 1994)

Realize that we are both female. You will live your life very different from mine because many people before you and me gave up their life to make this world a better place. And I will assure you the freedom to live that life as you deem it. I will show you how I did it but will not make you do it.

I promise to give you only what is necessary and important but you will have an abundant and overflowing love, friendship, companionship, support. I will be beside you to listen, lend my hand, give you the warmth if you break up with your boyfriend, be a single parent, or have your first child or even if you turn up to be gay, that is all I could do.

I will continue praying you don’t choose the path of self destruction instead you answer the call of helping others with the resources that once were showered onto you.

Remember, if your enemies are outside yourself the fiercest of all is the one within you. At the same time there is also that inner voice to guide you. To know what is right and good, only you could do it.


One thought on “Literate for a Day (Letter to a Daughter)

  1. “Remember, if your enemies are outside yourself the fiercest of all is the one within you” Great line. I so enjoy reading your blog. i am not writing a whole lot these days, but i am reading and reading and reading blogs that i follow, yours being one of them. thank you for sharing. along with others, reading your blog has helped keep my spirits up, and that is no small task! please know that even though i do not comment everyday, i do make time to read everyday. keep up the good wrk.
    ~victoria .


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