Return Address (Conversation with a 4 mos. old on the phone)”>Return Address</

Danielyn was four months old here when she push a button on her mom's phone which accidentally rang my phone. While “talking” to her on the phone all I get were monosyllables, but the timing in the asking and answering was perfect.

Me: Hello Danielyn!
D: That is what they call me!
Me: How are you?
D: Yes, that is what they call me around here, sometimes they all yell for that name simultaneously. I just look at them though because I don't know what they want.
Me: Where is mommy?
D: They yell so loud accompanied by waving or clapping and I don't know what to do either I give them what I have on my hands or look at them. I think they all want whatever I have on my hands. But if I give it to them, they don't give it back to me. You see I have to taste everything I see on the floor they look yummy with their shapes and colors.
Me: What are you doing?
D: I picked up this cellphone. I didn't put it in my mouth. I know they push buttons here using fingers and this thing should be placed across my cheek. When I see them using this I see their mouth constantly opening and closing with funny sounds coming out but then they stop for a while and then this business of opening and closing their mouth with sounds begins again. Everyone here has this kind of thing. I wish they give me one so I don't have to take theirs.
Me: Is grandma there?
D: And while this thing is across my cheek, that is what I am doing, opening and closing my mouth and hopefully some sounds will come out.
Me: Did you have your bottle of milk?
D: And I would listen to the sounds you're making, if you will stop, then that means its time for me to make my own sounds. I wait a little while to listen to you then.
Me: Where is your Daddy?
(I hear on the background Danielyn, who is that on the phone?)
D: Oh, oh there they go again, calling that name. She wants this thing on my hand again.
Phone goes silent.

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