Let it Be: Water

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When I was diagnosed with a kidney stone my doctor told me it’s not something to worry, they’re tiny and may pass through my urine. Told me to drink more water even when I told him I do but it seems my kidney stone testifies otherwise. I proceeded to monitor my water intake making sure I will drink 8 or more glasses of water. A regular glass is about 16 ounces or 180-250 ml, which means a 500 ml bottle of water is about two glasses and I decided to drink around four to eight 500 ml bottle of water. I am alright if I am in my house but when I am out the whole day I will have to buy it. I found out that the price of a 500 ml water is around 1.99 and if I drink around six to eight of these, I’ll need to spend around $12 to $16 for water alone. I made an inventory of all the other juices and drinks inside a store’s refrigerator, the cheapest of the drinks are around $1.99 each which includes water. Even if I buy the generic ones it still costs the same. What have they done to water that it is costing a lot. To think that it was supposed to be the cheapest prescription for my kidney stone. I understand that investments were made to purify, bottle, and distribute it, but does it have to cost so much like all the other drinks with added expenses on flavor or color? People need clean plain water not only for drinking but to regulate our body temperature, digestion, rid our body of toxins, to help in body building, help in secretion of digestive juices, protect the body organs from injury, shocks and friction. I wish the corporate world would just for a moment stop thinking of making money and help people.


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