Two Things that Matters

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Life is too short to stop. I have been trying to write daily even when I’m late. This prompt is from Nov. 10 yet, its now five days later. Whether it gets read or not, it doesn’t matter. There are only two things that really matters:
First is when I do it. The moment I sit down and keep quiet different thoughts that were not usually there pops out. Writing is much like meditation. Once I decide on sitting down different thoughts (tons of them) comes into my mind. I was taught not to engage in a ‘fight’ with these thoughts, rather ‘take note’ and let them pass by. It is like watching scenes from a window inside a moving vehicle, interesting or not, I don’t look back, the vehicle keeps running until I reached my destination. When writing different thoughts gets inside my mind, whether sensible or not I don’t stop, everything should be written down, hundreds and thousands of words will sprout like weeds and grass growing at the same time only to trim and pull back the same weeds and the grass. Until I find ‘my voice’, my destination.
Second is when I don’t do it. The moment I give up or just do mundane task more mundane task follows leaving me exhausted and empty at the end of the day. They are necessary but physical exhaustion occupies thoughts that clogs the flow of creativity. It deceives me into believing I am small and not made to be a better person. It fills up that void and breeds more negative results except creativity.
There is no need to engage in a battle, that was yesterday, today is a day to start a new day.


What do you think?

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