Nagging or Recommending?

no loitering
Trio no. 4

‘I should have come with him inside that building,’ I told myself noticing the gradual disappearance of cars in the parking lot each time I open my eyes in an attempt to get a nap. As one car pulls one after another i soon felt a threat of being alone inside this vehicle in a parking lot. With darkness enveloping the sky, chill penetrating my toes tuck in boots, isn’t it just moments ago I was walking on a crisp bright morning on my way to work? I push myself for patience as the mercury powered post across me lights up.
Finally, he came out the door running announcing that we have get to the pharmacy before it closes. We were not too far ahead when we have to go back for the needed stamping of his documents, so while cursing and stepping on the brake, he turn around. This time back on the road, the speeding car whiz through traffic he was driving 35 realizing that the speed limit is now lowered to 25. While driving he made a phone call to the pharmacy on its hours which luckily is until 9:00 pm. There was no need to rush now and I was nagging about going to this pharmacy when there are others much closer. Although I knew the answer I just want to bitch around because I can’t do anything to help him. In the end I controlled myself. He has some peculiar characteristic like insisting on buying medicines from this pharmacy that used to be closer to his previous residence just because his records were there, which of course doesn’t really matter. I told him many times he could get this in a pharmacy closer to where he lives now. He won’t listen. I will stop nagging now, I have laid down my point, maybe he has his, too. In moments like this I put on my professional suit, that of an auditor, who has the power to recommend but not the power to implementation.


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