In Memory of my Parents

Salad Days

The place where I came from puts education the highest priority where some parents would sell their most valued properties and other assets would even scrounge just to send children to school. When we were too lazy to get up in the morning I grew up with my mother banging pots and pans early morning so all of us children would get up and get ready to school. This would be supplemented by a litany of tips and pointers on how our present attitude is not a guarantee for a successful life, followed by how to get along with your own children in case you get one. I couldn’t wait to graduate, move out and get a job ASAP. Fast forward. I got my a job. I met some co workers that I guess were all sharing that sense of success to finally make it, land a good and stable job, all of us independent, smart, young, energetic fresh from college in our new found decent paying job. One day around seven of us decided to go out of town on a weekend. There was no specific itinerary: hang out in a resort in the country then take a walk and check out the local tourist spots and the country scenes. After our morning meal we proceeded to the local tourism office and ask for directions. The tourist spot we went to was actually some caves and mountains and we have to trek a good distance from the town. Everything went well, picture taking, giggling and laughing, bunting of jokes at each other. During that time all of us were single, no commitments, boyfriend or girlfriend hanging around us, but I am sure that some of us were discreetly eyeing the guys in the group, nevertheless no flirting happened. The day was almost over and we were on our way back when we were caught by a heavy downpour. We didn’t realize we are by the mountains which at the end of the day gets a good soaking rain everyday because of its altitude. Luckily we found a shack and a bench in it and each one scrambled a spot trying to stay away from the rain. We were just looking at the rain, others jostling or joking, making stories to pass away the time until the rain stops. After all stories were said and done the rain hasn’t stop and suddenly we were just quiet and silence fell. I felt an inspiration. There was something in watching raindrops landing on leaves of trees then to the ground, a puddle forms and when it’s full gently streams down to a bigger puddle, stays there a little while until it gets full, this time streaming much faster until it gushes out into the rivers. After a couple of hours the rain finally stop and we were back on foot. As we were walking on that rough road with the rain gone I noticed how the water seeped through the ground making the mostly dirt road slippery. How an hour of soaking raindrops changes the face of the earth. I remember how I got soaked in my parents reprimands and admonish even though much ignored changed me now that I am a parent myself. At times I surprise myself how I tend to sound like them when it comes to dealing with kids for any small mistake they make, admonish with never ending do’s and don’ts, the never ending lectures on how to be successful in life. Just like what I heard long time ago. Just like how it’s said in the bible, it has happened before, there is nothing new.


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