The Hook on My Closet

The truth is except for the knobs on the door going inside my room there are no other doorknob where I secretly stash away things that people see hanging in my body. In its place is a transportable standing wooden structure 7 feet high with an 18” rod on the upper portion horizontally hanging in between a black painted metal post on one end and a light stained wall like flat board 12”x1.5” thick on the other end that comes with roller on the bottom. It can accommodate ten to twelve hangers and don’t attempt any head hanging here, please. It befits my need partly and helps in bringing order out of chaos inside my room. It has an interesting hook though on its end where I could hang some accessories, providing ease and speed to things as I need them. I said interesting because that hook gave me an idea for more closet space for everyday wear. So now my room looks like Macy’s where some of my clothes hang on the wall. It’s interesting to discover that I only need more hooks, where ease and speed is fully considered.

What do you think?

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