The Wheel of Life

Cousin It
I was a teenager when I went to live with my aunt for a year during college. My aunt had five children, two girls and three boys, one of the girls, four years my junior was the apple of the eye. Compared to the other sister this cousin has fairer skin and in this universally prejudiced world they’re looked upon as prettier even among other girls in the neighborhood. Her complexion is made more conspicuous from the colorful dresses her mother buys at work. I used to envy all the attention she gets everytime she walks around like a doll in shiny, shimmering or sparkling colorful dresses her mother buys despite the meager income she gets. Her beautiful skin is complemented by her candle like fingers and long nails that gets a free weekly manicure from the neighborhood cosmetologist. The other much younger sister resents this mothers’ partisan treatment reclusing in her own dream world. Never showing any frenzied emotions the sense of injustice is freshly brewing on her young mind. Worst is this prettier sister doesn’t get to do her share of domestic chores, where in our culture an older sibling has an inherent right or privilege to act as parent and therefore could delegate some chores to the younger ones. Sounds like Cinderella mopping the floors while the older sister goes to the ball. Driving up the wall is her good looking, well mannered boyfriend, everyday showing up in an impeccable crisp blue or white uniform, a student of military science who follows her all over, picks up and drops her off, school to home. All this flattery I guess tired her at the end. I heard she ran away and never heard for years. When she reappeared she was a new and different person, a complete opposite of her old self. Gone are the glamour and attention she was used to while the other sister now married has her own family is living and working in another country considered to be much more successful in life and in her career.

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