A Perfect Day Off

Sparkling or Still

What a coincidence! I am on my first of two days off. Since I knew its coming I planned on spending time in the country: downhill and uphill roads leading to a dead end street, on the left is a state park, the house is on the right with its wide and spacious lawn, leaves scattered on the ground, trees with branches now almost bare ready for winter, peaceful and quiet neighborhood, a place where time stands still. I arrived last night and I admit though this wasn’t a plan, there was none, all I want to do is catch up on my writing. At this age planning what to do on a day off is not on my list. I go where I have to go and write. I woke up to a meowing cat wanting to go out and upon opening the main door the dog came rushing out like an excited kid running around until he disappeared behind trees. Dogs they like peeing on trees. “Both the dog and cat can’t stay too long outside, getting old, as the temperature is slowly dropping to almost freezing”, the landlady’s voice still echoing in my mind before they left on a cruise last week. With this weather I could’ve stayed late in bed but my body clock works perfect I always get up the same time days off or not. After the two animals came back I proceeded to start the coffeemaker then sat down in front of the TV for some morning news, later, the smell of the brewing coffee is all around the house. No newspapers? There is no need to read all about the crimes committed today enough was reported yesterday. I used to plan to do everything on days off such as cooking, cleaning, doing housework, shopping or doing errands and in case I have more time, catch up on reading or doing some needlework, or watch TV. But today there is no plan or list of things to do. I toasted a bagel and was starting to eat when the dog stood in front of me, as if telling me “drop it, drop it, drop it, you can do it”, he left finally when I shared him half the bagel. I put the dirty cup in the washer and the dog was behind me again, he knew I am in the kitchen. When I sat in front of my laptop, he also sat on the floor close to my feet. That’s when I started tapping on my keyboard.


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