Pectoral Guided or Heart Guided?

The smell of coffee filled the house from the kitchen to my bedroom. This is one of those ordinary days when that aroma wakes me up. But this morning something is different and I paid attention, two words were superimposed and projected among other thoughts going on in my head despite noises coming from trains just below the window and siren sounds attending to emergencies even though the day has just began. The words are “pectoral guide”. The first word I am familiar, a pectoral fin, my familiarity resonated back to my student days. The dictionary says that as an adjective, it is that part pertaining to the chest or breast; proceeding from the heart or inner consciousness; as a noun in anatomy it is a pectoral part or organ or pectoral muscle. I didn’t want to bother pondering on this word but what strike me was the second word, ‘guide’. This morning calls for meditation on these words and this is what I came up with. The concept of love or any strong liking, affection, compassion are always associated with heart. We look at our heart as the driving force in all these emotions that we feel, yet, we don’t have the direct expression to say it as it is, we beat around the bush by saying it comes from the heart, which is kind of vague. What if we just say we are “pectoral guided” which is anatomically correct than saying “heart guide”. Insisting on the heart as the source of all our love and affections, means that the same love and affection ceases once we are dead which I think is not correct because love still exist even beyond life. Instead we are “pectoral guided” only in so far as we reacted affectionately or lovingly while we are alive and those same emotions or affection ceases when life ceases. Whatever good we have done while being alive is only “pectoral guide”, it is not love, yet. I believe that love, the most powerful emotion that ever existed will exist even beyond a persons’ life. And most of the time we realize the experience of love when a person is gone. Exclusively associating love with heart is erroneous because love stays even when the loved ones die. More so, because love evolves into many different forms after a person dies. This is what Jesus Christ has left us. Even when he is gone, he has left his love in each one of us and it is only Him who deserves to be said to have truly love unconditionally, while we, have acted only via our pectoral guide.
Today publish a post based on unused material from previous piece, a paragraph you nixed, a link you didn’t include, a photo you decided not to use. Let your leftovers shine. And this is my post.

Leftovers Sandwich


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