To All the Books I Want to Read

I am not referring to all the books in the library or the ones in the bookstore. They’re the ones looking at me right now from my bookshelf I once lust when they weren’t in my possession, when my fingers held them as the cashier put them in a bag after I paid them. That was the first and last time. Each time I sit at my desk and glance at them I ask myself if my fingers will ever touch them again? I put them on the floor hoping for easy access but the stacks just keeps getting higher. The only other desire I get is to buy more books the same desire I had when words and its meanings made its way into my civilize mind.
Today they are adornments in my room, when people see these books it makes them think highly of me but in reality only the shelves are high in this room.
I am sorry to all the writers of these books because your message stays in my wall when in it should be chewed, digested and shared via the earth. I experienced your pain and sorrow when you began this art, when nobody listened, when you were an outcast.
I am grateful on the other hand because you give me company, the writers that I share my passion with, that one day I would write a book that would stay as adornments in other people’s house with its message staying on the walls.
And I would be glad future writers would have these same thoughts about me to be in a company of writers, our souls alive among the collection of books stacked high on the shelves.
One thing sure when I am gone and these books are still here they’d be considered antiques and may be treasures in the future.
Prompt: Any inanimate objects had feelings, to which item you owe the biggest apology
Wronged Objects

One thought on “To All the Books I Want to Read

  1. I think you and I are kindred spirits. I have so many books, shelved and stacked, that I felt compelled to buy but haven’t yet read. I’d never thought they might feel ignored, or that I’m discounting the work their authors put into them. I do owe them an apology. But I have hope I’ll someday get around to reading them.


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