Ready, Set, Done

Into the library I proceeded and saw this couch, printed with flowers in red orange set on a yellow background, I prop my bottom with my laptop obviously on my lap. To type and publish my only goal before this day is over, actually it is almost nightime both body and mind are in opposition. The first wants to go home and be at rest, while the latter persist to compose this post a way to discipline and practice this craft which rest upon only me. The ambiance in the library with its huge space and bright lights I’m certain would assist me in coming up with ideas. There are two six seater tables in the center of the room, having as a centerpiece a vase planted with white fake flowers a name now has slipped me, whoever put it there perhaps wishes some light and life might shine in this drag. Whoever is he/she I express my heartfelt gratitude for not giving up even with fake flowers you still find hope as I do with writing. I woke up tired and exhausted soaking in perspiration, a condition I could never believe confessed by women of certain age, am now faced with the same condition. I hate to admit I am going to bed but equally thankful for this library, its couch, for that soul who bothers putting fake flowers hoping to give inspiration for dreamers like me.
Prompt: Ready, set, done
Free write. Set the timer for 10 minutes

What do you think?

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