Unsung Heros

My hand reaches for the cellphone even before my eyes fully opens, force of habit, I guess, checking for missed calls, messages, facebook, things that could wait. But this morning my finger wandered over to Deepak Chopras’ apps, Ananda-Conscious Healing meditation music. As a subscriber I downloaded it, as long as it was free, another force of habit, I guess, after receiving don’t-know how many emails. Why not? I listened to it two days ago, I could try it again this morning. I set the music to thirty minutes and Deepak began his talk that lasted a few minutes and gave this mantra “Om Bhavam Namah” (translation: I am absolute existence). I opened my palms with thumb and forefinger tip touching, close my eyes mentally reciting the mantra until I finished the entire music. Nothing happened! What was I expecting? I grab my laptop and check the prompt, ‘Unsung Heroes’, nothing comes to my mind. Whatever, I tap the keyboard just the same and type any words coming out of my mind. I was almost two hundred words, almost giving up, almost…
Thanksgiving is a special holiday here in the US, celebrating it is something I don’t expect as I always switch it with Christmas, far more revered and celebrated for christians like me. My cousin said that the reunion will be on this date and that place, then there is another party on this date at that place, and so on, so forth. This means planning of work schedules to attend to these parties. As this is the end of the year I, too, am personally looking at my milestones, physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually, that needs a lot of sitting down that seems impossible nowadays. I am tired and exhausted, almost giving up, almost …
I almost give up if not for new technologies within easy reach. My phone, the internet that connects me to my other world, subscriptions casually made to people like Deepak. Those few minutes of meditation brought me back home, then back to the world refresh with new ideas and this posts. To technology I am forever B-grateful.

Prompt: We all have our semi-secret, less known personal favorites- a great B side, an early work by an artist that later became famous, an obscure but delicious family recipe,share one of your unsung heroes with us,- how did you discover it, why has it stayed off everyone’s radar?


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