The Object of my Dejection

As an offshoot to a course on discovering and recovering your creative self workshop by Julia Cameron titled “The Artist Way” she suggested getting involved in an activity entirely different from writing. A range of activities such as gardening, sewing, crafting, traveling, etc., or any activities that I could go to stay away from writing. With my hands full I didn’t know what I want neither was I too eager to start another project. One day, B took me to a craft store something for his purpose while I, unintentionally and unplanned wandered to the craft section that includes cross stitching, crocheting, knitting and the like. With “The Artist Way” in my mind I picked out a cross stitch kit worth ten dollars, titled “Beguiling Tiger”, a head of a tiger its face leaning on the left. Cross stitch, a familiar craft I had done before much bigger project, a small 5 by 7 inches complete with color coded presorted threads to coincide with symbols in the design, should be easy and simple I assure myself. In cross stitch one starts stitching in the center of the cloth and as soon as I spot the center of the cloth to begin the first stitch, my mind was filled with mental images of the finished project, the picture is in the package anyway, where I see myself framing my project not only with one head but five heads arranged clocklike in one frame. That became my plan. As my needle was threading one color after another the framed vision of various tigers arranged clockwise in my head sent me excited to the craft store searching for more tiger head designs, the first project not even ten percent stitched. I found another head design luckily, this time its head upright and also a 5 by 7 inches, easy and simple I suppose. I unpacked the new kit enthusiastically to begin a new project, to be done in B’s house on weekends. When I tore the plastic covering, clumps of colorful threads cut up but bundled together surprised me. Unlike the other kit where all colors are pre-sorted, this one has left sorting and color coding obviously to me. What was unmanageable was the inconsistent color-number coding to symbols on the design. Worst I cannot utilize the color coding on the other project on account of the products coming from two different companies. I put away that kit I don’t even know how to start it. As to my first project, though its 75% complete my eagerness to even finish is unsure. In a few days 2015 is here, as to the vision of clock like heads of tigers in a frame… you tell me.
Cross stitch are series of tiny xs’ needled in colorful threads inside tiny squares to produce life like scenes, faces, or objects that speaks a thousand words. Simplicity, familiarity and ease the opposite were what I learned as I went. The evenness and continuous series of tilted lines, initially crossing left over right, then coming back next time crossing right over left to make exes brings delight to my eyes and when I look behind I see clean straight parallel lines supporting the edges of the square telling me my job is well done. But the challenge in counted cross stitch starts in the counting, 1, 2, 3, skipping squares, going back and forth, to and from, a single error affects the whole design, it is up to me if stop or go. A single mistake ruins the entire design. When that happens I pull the wrong stitch and redo everything. I have the choice.
Now I understand why J. Cameron wants me to engage in another creative activity. Once the pandora box of creativity is activated within us, that energy is to be channeled to more creative projects. It is natural and inherent, unlimited and infinite.
Prompt: Something you made, a masterpiece unfinished, or some sort of project that failed to meet your expectations, what did you learn, how will you do things differently?
The Object of My Dejection


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