Twenty Minutes Story 2x

He was sitting just beside me, his front legs straight up holding its head, its hind legs folded down supporting his body straight up, his face ready for anything, tongue hanging out, eyes vigilantly roaming between the table then to me as our eyes met for a second, its tail wagging, quickly gazing back to the table fearing that he might miss out on any food that people may drop from their plate. Somebody was sarcastically commenting on its intelligence anytime there is food laying around. While the dog owner was so affectionately talking to it, about how a good boy it is. I couldn’t resist the temptation to hand him some food, which he gorge down into his throat, disappearing as soon as I put my hands back on my plate, his eyes met mine, we’re back at the same scene at the beginning of this story his face ready for everything. One person got up from the chair took out the dog dish then reach out for a piece of the pot roast, mashed potato, some carrots and stuffing, the faces of humans staring from the dishes to the plate,
“whose is it for?” a roaring question came up. The dog owner said he’s making this plate so his dog doesn’t come begging at the table.
“But he’ll still come begging for more”. The dog was behind him all these time up until the food was laid on the corner. The dog owner was right, as soon as the food was done it lay down on its bed by the couch, looking peaceful and satisfied. When our dinner plates were finally put away, this time the dessert plates were making its way into the dining table. Coffee maker is brewing, hot water is on the stove for tea and everyone’s calling for their choice of drink. Someone took out the pumpkin pie, apple pie and the chocolate cake from the fridge to the dining table again. Most of the humans are back on the table and so the dog, too. While all this scene was going on the two cats were in their deep slumber under the christmas tree basking in the warmth of the christmas light. Neither of them moved out during the entire dinner. Their food left untouched since this morning. Finally one cat got up and walk over to its bowl of water, then dipped its face on the other bowl of food, a few bite after it went away and scratch itself. Sometimes I am glad there are animals at home, someone to talk to or talk about, and at times like this something to write about.

Prompt: Now that you’ve got some blogging experience, re-write your very first post

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