My 90% brain

Brain Power
Prompt: If I could unlock the remaining 90% of your brain, what would I do?
It’s Saturday morning a few minutes after eight. Right now the state of my brain is rushing, wanting to do a lot of … writing daily prompts. For obvious reasons I have been busy at work, my body dead tired at the end of the day. I’d rather rest than die a famous writer. I’m still in bed sitting and looking at this screen. They say that I am using only 10% of my brain right now, an argument going on between getting coffee and grasping this precise moment to keep on writing. So what is my 90% doing? I can’t find it. No words to define. My hands are cold and stiff from arthritis perhaps, my own conclusion never consulted a doctor about it. Rubbing my palms to generate warmth that’s all I could do while looking for that 90%. I shifted my head thirty degrees to the right where the window is, the front yard is empty except for bare trees, the ground is in all of its glorious earthly colors with sporadic traces of snow a few days ago. Something within is pushing me to get up from this bed and be ready for that scheduled hike at quarter to ten, I only got an hour. I have to go. Where is the 90%?

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