The fruit technology

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

Everytime a friend asks if  I want to change my phone to this fruit brand, always I decline for the simple reason that I want to give business to other brands and besides I firmly believe that other brands are  as good as this fruit brand. So the laptop I had were all some other brands. It was fine back then since I  wasn’t doing any blogging yet except for common browsing or reading until I discovered wordpress leading me into diverse and more complicated activities in the world wide web  not only at home but away from it,  too.  I started blogging out in the street pursuing that ambiance thus the need to take  the laptop with me. And one day the laptop  had a trouble, a trouble posing  limitations on my blogging mentally and physically. For one it was getting difficult carrying it around, constant movement of which  I think contributed to the trouble.  After doing enough research I am now using this fruit brand laptop.  I still believe though that other brands are still better but this is a winner as far as mobility is concerned for now. Next time when I find other needs for my activities I may want to buy other brands. In the meantine enough for my sticking to giving business to other brands or believing that other brands are as good.


What do you think?

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