Discrimination, Racism etc.

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Write a post about any topic but be sure it ends with “and all was right in the world”. Easy Fix

You’ve heard about it.  An experiment was conducted where little girls were asked to choose between black  and white dolls and obviously, most of them chose white dolls.  Innocent little girls whose ideas are untainted and opinions unsullied by external views have spoken.  Yes, we know its not about the color or race,  but let’s face it,  it’ s easier to distinguish black or white. It is even easier to judge the cover of the book than read the book. The victims could go on protesting or rallying to stand their ground. But who benefits from all these?  Of course, neither the blacks or the whites.   They’re  those who watch to see where the scale tilts. I overheard this conversation:

Scene One: Asian girl:  Mommy, why do I have to go after school?

Mommy of the Asian girl:  You need to study hard,  get good grades  and good job.

Asian girl:  But why does my friend doesn’t have to do it?  Her father tells  her not to worry about grades, she’ll get a good job anyway because she is white (European).

Scene two:

One guy advising another:  hey dude when you go out the street,  all you has do is talk and act like a black guy, they listen to you.

I still remember this tale. when God was molding man and put it in an oven, his first batches came undercooked, while the next batches came over cooked, until he came to the last batch which was not too white or dark, he wasn’t satisfied but looking at the different colors he knew that when the two extremes clash someone benefits from it  “… and all was right in the world”.

What do you think?

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