Keeping Up With the Jonesses’

You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Freaky Friday.”

I hate my employer. My friends’ employer rather.  They’re filthy rich and they have a house in the Hamptons, theirs and each one for the three children,  two sons and a daughter.  But they stay there only in the summer their business is in new york city. As of  this time they just moved out from their residence on the lower east side, that environment is wearing  them, there are no fine restaurants or fancy places to go to.  For them the east side is getting an uninteresting place.  Their would be residence  on one of those high rise downtown  building on  the upper west side is currently under renovation, three floors connected by stairs.  Until after the renovation all  of them are temporarily living in an apartment. They’re always traveling by land or air, the housekeepers are ever on the go putting clothes away or packing/unpacking  clothes. The last holiday was spent in a warm place, the assistants scuttled here and there checking the outfits to pack, after that  they wanted to go ski in Switzerland, when they got home another plan was in the offing to Paris. By the way, because they have lots of clothes and shoes they needed another apartment and  people to take care of it.  I learned they’re allergic to a lot of things,  they eat only organic food, or use organic detergent for laundry. I was surprise when I saw their organic towels, those were the kind of materials that my clothes were made of when I was young, clothes that my mom sew for me. Their love for vintage clothing confounds me because I remember all those flowery prints, bold colors, a-line dresses, crocheted dresses, silky clothes they buy at a high price that could pay my salary. If I could switch bodies with them, I will donate money  to those who needs them the most.   The rich thinks that they deserve to have all material excesses.  I am not saying they’re not doing any charity but they should realize that the more wealth one has, the greater  their responsibility and obligations is to others.  Of course the amount of money they donated to culture and arts astounded me, I don’t think I could ever have that much in my lifetime but that amount is only a tip of the iceberg  I’m sure.  If I’m in their place  I will search more, dig deeper on how will I make a difference in this world.


What do you think?

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