Sacrificial Lamb

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Her eyes was fierce with stick on hand  hitting a table warning us to keep quiet. No one hears her  because the seven year olds just came from their break time now excitedly chatting after keeping their mouths shut since arriving that morning. I was paying attention knowing that it’s time to start the lessons again but then all the others were still talking and she was waiting for the room to be monastery quiet. Waiting and waiting while standing  in front of the room I don’t think she has plans to start the lessons as most of the students are quiet now and she was not saying anything. I think it would take some more time waiting for her to start lessons I decided to turn my head around and ask something from the person behind, probably it took a couple of question and answer between us. Until I sensed that the whole room is quiet except for me talking and moving. EVerbody’s eyes’  on me,  the teacher, too. She always wants us to keep quiet when most of the time In the middle of our lessons we always end up waiting for her finish her business talking to her co teachers who drops around. So now I am the sacrificial lamb, everybody’s attention is on me. My name was called, timidly I glance at her, Motioning me to come in front of the room. The stick was handed to me and I was instructed to lead the reading lessons. i have personal tutors from my aunts who were also teachers that even  before I started school I could read first grade books end to end. After that I remember exactly  daily after recess the teacher calls me, gives me the stick then I would start  pointing it at every word written on the blackboard reciting that word very loud and my classmates recites after me even when all the others  were talking or eating or walking around while my teacher goes on with her business of chatting and laughing outside the hall with her co teachers.

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