Pancakes, Cakes, etc.


Tell us about a sensation- a taste, smell, music – that transport you back to childhood.  In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Transporter.”

After doing the morning laundry she would  walk back to the house coming from the kitchen door, pick up a bowl, some ingredients and flour and put them in line on top of the table.  Her hands goes through this various motion from cracking eggs on the edge of the bowl, gently pouring its content inside, picks up a fork, sticks the yellowy soft ball and when it breaks, she wisk everything together turning the whole egg into one color. Slowly  the dry ingredients follows, flour, baking powder, sugar.  Listening to the fork touching the bowl in a circular stroke was listening to a blending of smooth  even sound. My eyes would follow each and every hand motion, as she prepares the fire stove beginning with setting up small dry twigs on top of each other followed by bigger logs. As the fire starts the pan is set on top giving it a few minutes to heat, followed by butter, then the batter.  From behind her I could see the pancake getting brown, then she would flip it around. As she puts each one on the plate, I would watch how a teaspoon of margarine melts on top, giving it the shiny look sprinkled with white dots of sugar, accompanied by a slightly burnt aroma. After I eat my share I remember going outside to play with the neighborhood kids then my mom goes back to her hand washing.

On weekends I remember my mom doing this early in the morning when everybody is on the table watching her weaving this magic. We would wait, each of us four children sitting like soldiers on our long dining table with my father on the head table.  Perhaps I am not the only one who was amazed at how her hands move and the eventual aroma coming out of this handiwork.

One day I saw my father home coming from work, called my mom from the kitchen. He was handling her this small white box, as she opened it, there were small cones each ends molded differently neatly  stacked inside. It was a cake decorator gadget.

From then on I would see her making three layered cakes with white frosting, decorated with pink or red flowers  and green leaves on the sides of the cake. I would know they’re wedding cakes orders  because there would be a small  figurines of bride and groom on top.

What do you think?

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