Can You Spot the Difference?



Remember when you wrote down the  first thoughts you had this morning? Great, now write your post about it. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Light.”

I hear the morning whistling of the kettle, coffee is ready.  As soon as my eyelid raise I check the time. It’s after six in the morning time to get up and face the day’s task.  Call of nature. Unavoidable. Physical and physiological needs.  Activities of daily living.  Inevitable. Time is running.  I rush to my work then I get paid at the end of the day. Tonight I’ll go to bed and wake up almost the same time as today to hear the whistling kettle and smell fresh coffee. Then I go to work and get paid again. As dictated by my body, so I do it.  Except for getting paid after working  I’m stuck to my activities of daily living when I retire.

Today I want to make a difference:  to be better than yesterday.  The hardest part of all is driving to drive myself. Or pushing to push.  Inspiring to inspire. Invigorating the vigor. My goals and plans, written in paper, I forgot where and how to begin again. I guess tomorrow I’ll still want to make a difference. Driving and inspiring myself.


One thought on “Can You Spot the Difference?

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