Satisfying Oneself



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Set It To Rights.”

I am finally set to finish the last speech for level one in my public speaking club. Consisting of ten speeches in all, done in a span of 15 months. Looking back I ask myself if I should jump with joy and celebrate this accomplishment?  It was purely for personal satisfaction and is not in any way related to my career or education.

My target was to do those ten speeches  once a month last year (a total of 30 meetings within 12 months) while the two months were reserved for break, take the back seat and give others the chance. Imagine ten speeches in 30 meetings, that’s too much leeway. And so it happened I took the back seat more than I planned to, three months more or 8 meetings more.  Those were the  times I was just plain lazy, deliberately missed meetings because I entertained negative thoughts and I regret that. Though I didn’t missed my goal, I wish to have done it much earlier and could have done more.

What did I find out?  In this life there is only one way to go, to satisfy our need for  fulfillment. In my quest to satisfy this need  I set my bar  higher, higher than where I was before. It’s either I do or I don’t.  The latter one is easy, there’s nothing to do,  whatever comes. Who cares? No one will check on me. Just let it slide away.

But I chose the first one, self fulfillment.




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