The 17k Smartwatch



Pick a divisive issue in the news. Write a two part post in which you take on two personas  and approach the topic from both sides.  In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A House Divided.

Those who can’t: Who in the world is going to fork over five figures for these things? That definitely was the question.  When Tim Cook  initially announce this forthcoming product, very little was said except that the cost is above 10 grand. And so began a wave of fun poking and free advert, on the days after,  turns out that there will a limited edition with a price tag of 17 grand.

Those who can and would: Silence but listening. Basically those same people that wouldn’t fork over 17grand. Because on April 24, when this watch comes out  the price range is from 349 to 17k. The cheapest  being the 349, while the next one ranges 599 to 1k. Sales would be made on the latter.


What do you think?

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