On Writing, Blogging My Life

Post a day 2015

Post a day 2015

Write about a time when you had a “Goldilocks” experience exploring different options and finally arriving at “just right”.  In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hello, Goldilocks!.”

Of late, I think that my writing and blogging is going into the trash. I respond in a new post if they don’t go into draft I trash them. If they stay in draft, it stays there until they’re trashed. I might try another prompt, then another, then another. Then I keep on trying until it’s time to trash my tries.

Aha, my midlife crisis, I found a valid excuse. But my boyfriend disagrees, I’m way pass it, he thinks. Can I blame midlife crisis for a decade? He didn’t answer.

Or is it my crazy hours owing to my nonroutinary work hours? I’ve read that a writer should have a routine particularly for beginners because they’re finding their own voice. And before they find this so called “voice” they have to find time to write, lots of them. And if you don’t have a routine, time is elusive.

Whenever I find the time to even open wp my brain is in disaster mode. It’s in a state of time warp between simply refusing to think and dry spell of ideas bordering into that inevitable negative thoughts.

I blame the coffee that I’m trying to stay away from, am I having that withdrawal symptoms? Or was it because of that cold and coughing I had last week and those medicines I took left me with feelings either down or depressed at a time? Or was it my constant traveling that’s making me tired in my quest to find that right environment for writing?  Theres plenty of excuse.

Fortunately this is my 200 days of blogging,  100 posts, 965 hits. I’m not happy, this is isn’t what I foresaw. I specifically marked this day expecting to have done more than 100 post.

Yes, there’s no point of blaming, things happened as they ought.

What do you think?

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