What are the principles or set of values you apply to your life? In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Walk the Line.”

Honesty  is a value that Id like to practice for my own sake  and not to impress the others. I  prefer to look at the mirror and see the real me not any other person that I am trying to be. If  I think something is not going right in my state then it’s easy for me to reevaluate weaknesses and strengths that is solely mine and not of someone elses’ I’m copying. I know  truth and sincerity  when I see one because that is my life’s value.  And I respect people who are trying to be true and sincere, I know them.

That quest for honesty isn’t only about telling the truth or candor in speech.  It’s more of the degree of responsibility that I am willing to put in seeking my passion and the constant faithfulness  in pursuing it.  Since I did WordPress I stop  doing my daily journal expecting that  Wordpress  will take its place. But now I believe that when it comes to fulfilling your passion there is no one method replacing the other, rather, all methods supplement and or complement all together. The more methods we use, the better to hone the craft.

Sometimes I take round trip on bus or on train, or go to some random places so as to get new perspective or listen to the same, old sounds where hidden messages may come out.

Whether it’s 4 o’clock or 9 o’clock in the morning  I catch the morning muse, where she might sprinkle her dust full of ideas.


What do you think?

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