The Homeless and the Beggar



Tell us a story with a twist, we can’t see coming. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “What a Twist!.”

I was riding the train one day and passengers were  on top of each other as the train made its stop from one station to the other. However, I noticed that right by the door on the opposite end where I sat, that spot was conspicuously deserted.  Incoming passengers heads directly to that spot but step away as soon as they get in.  I noticed the lady sitting across covering her nose.  I followed her long fixed stare at this unshaven guy, big and tall with shoulder length hair.  The people probably didn’t mind his noticeably unchanged and worn out clothes had it not been for the  stinky smell coming from him.  It was a mixture of urine, puke, sweet, sour pickle gone bad filled the air that we can’t escape as the train door closes in. With eyeglasses on, newspaper on hand,  legs crossed, the subway is  his living room. Inside  a worn out backpack on the floor beside him were all this material possessions. By this time most of us have figured out this guy is homeless. We left him on his own world as we’re getting used to his presence, despite the smell he doesn’t bother anyone of us in anyway, we contented ourselves by covering our noses and throwing secret accusing glances at the culprit but our minds screaming, “why don’t you take a shower once in a while.” There was silence inside the train except  for the squealing of metals between the rails and tracks.  Suddenly a voice was heard talking in  a loud voice. As this voice gets closer his story gets clearer. He met an accident at his workplace, is now unemployed, hinting that he needs some help. But his method borders on gospel preaching, that  as  one gives, a hundredfold comes back. As he squeezed  between the crowd, he  stopped surprised seeing  the homeless guy. Sensing competition from passengers compassion  he shifted his story instantly to that of how good God is, who has healed him from all his ailment, that God has never abandoned him in all his struggles, and now he is sharing the good news. Men and women around him were seemingly oblivious, they are tired of this weekend scene and no one was opening purse. The homeless guy may have realize how his presence inconvenienced the panhandler. I don’t know if he helped in redeeming the panhandlers’ cause, but  when he handed out a dollar bill from his front pocket, this  action  evoke  guilt feeling among us and people started handing out bills to this guy who left on the other door as he pick out his days pay.

I took a final glance at the homeless man before I got off, he just finished a sandwich and cup of coffee and now pulling a deck of playing cards from his backpack.







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