My Real Journey


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tagline.”

That’s actually what I’ve been pondering here couple of days. I feel that my tag line is so basic, stripped down naked leaving nothing to the imagination. Suggestions were it should be catchy, funny or memorable so as to lure readers into my site. My real journey is so prairie like, primitive and rock bottom uncivilized. But,  Isn’t that where we all begin?

Honestly, that’s what I feel when I started blogging.  Life is travelling from time to time, from yesterday, today and tomorrow,  from situations to situations, or from people to people. There is no fixed expectations of staying and  perching. When the ass warms up its time to move on. I don’t deny what happened yesterday, it was where I shaped my  mind, and once in while I look back at it for reference as I continue mapping out my future.

Whenever I see other bloggers’ tag line, my logic rushes out with envy. Why haven’t I thought about that?  It actually makes me click on their site, read about them and eventually press like. If they get lucky I click follow and write my email as subscriber. WordPress is right after all. Should I really change my tag line? Pursuing my real journey is brain racking and there is absolutely no clear direction for this journey. Help! I don’t know where I’m going? Should I “press for emergency” now?

It says on the button corner of the train. If I press the  button, will they give me a catchy or funny  tagline?  I’ve been pressing a lot of buttons lately,  1 for english, press 2  for Spanish,  3 for appointment, 4 if you want to speak etc., etc.  Let me just stay with this tagline now.


What do you think?

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