1 Four Three





Write an entire post without using a 3 letter word. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Letter Words.”

I wake up at five, four is extremely early. Changing my habit is that easy especially if I’m tired and sleazy. This morning brings another mystery, like this prompt using excepting a three letter words. I could put s, es, ed, ly, on words  or take it away to come down to a right number.  If ungrammatical only a teacher cares, otherwise everyone knows what Im meaning to express.

In fact there have been more mysteries that happened just before I woke up. Only we’re not aware or dismissing awareness because we think this  world is what we made of it. Today is Saturday after good Friday, christiandom is observing crucifixion, death, resurrection of lord, savior Jesus Christ.  Whether we like it or don’t, he is there. He is supposed to rise up on Sunday or Easter as declared by church. By then we will be happy to be full of life again.



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