Not What I Saw, But What I Learned


It’s the 30th of July and this bitch is back 😱 after a 29 day hiatus away from writing. Yes, 29 days  if and when I finish this prompt today, otherwise tomorrow is another day.

However, this is the third day this prompt is laying across my face. My muse is taking an even longer vacation. The voyager aircraft waiting for my best will have to leave. Can’t come up with the best from the earth. I’m sitting here looking at the cars passing by, above is a clear blue sky  eight o’clock at night. Just three weeks ago I took on a six to two temp job and never seen this blue clouds. Every morning I race with construction workers for the trains, sitting on the subway listening to the squeaking noise of the rails, while trying to steal a few minutes of sleep, running and  co-mingling with people before the rush hour comes.

Yes, I actually work cleaning office. It wasn’t a hard job, no need to use my communication skills effectively or my mathematical competencies. My task was to clean two regular office space with four employees, after cleaning all I have to do is order food delivery for lunch. Food that I throw away on Fridays giving way to new food delivery on Mondays. I wish they just give food allowance to employees instead of throwing food away. Though I’ve never seen my employers, co workers tells me they’re filthy rich. By how much, no idea. But my sources (garbage documents) shows they made a six high figure donation to a certain art museum. They bought the last three story out of 17  floors, where I report, currently under renovation to be converted into their residence.

The whole summer months they’re in the Hamptons entertaining visitors and guest, housing, feeding  and entertaining them in their eight bedroom house.

I was well fed and well paid. All of us. That’s why I took the job even for a few weeks.  Last Monday the employee I relieved came back from vacation and I just got a feedback that I didn’t do a good job. Indirectly announcing that she was better  than me. Poor girl, the fear of losing her job  and realizing she’s expendable must be bothering her the whole time she’s on vacation.

Well, this is my best for this prompt.

What human culture will I send on board this voyager spacecraft? In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Simply the Best.”

What do you think?

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