Kelly Clarkson’ Weight Gain


Link to an item on the news you’ve been thinking lately, write the op-Ed you’d like to see printed. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “IMHO.”

Talking, watching, reading personalities specially when they’re stars are just what they ought to be, to be talked, to be watched or to be read. Before coming out in public there is this constant craving  for them to do, to show, to reveal something new, something novel, or just a better shot of themselves.  And we as audience have this continuous hunger submitting to that need to see, watch or read about them. It entertains us. Then it make us opine,  based on a what if situation. So there will be more things to talk about. Whoever the subject has the right to defend, justify or reason about the issue on any venue that want. Believe me, tabloids, newspapers, televisions and now the Internet is in dire need of any and all subject that would make their way in all of these venue. Whether for entertainment, business, passion, the arts there is a venue for these issues.

Whoever made the comment about Kelly Clarkson is right, that’s what he saw. He was our mouthpiece, comments that I myself could have made, or any ordinary audience.  Only that if it came from me, it won’t make news. And if Kelly heard me, it wouldn’t bother her. I have never contributed to her record sales, neither that guy who made the comment. Did Kelly realized this?  The people who made her famous are the young generation not that guy or me. What Kelly should have done is to look back at her bank account, records sales, and awards or replay AI when she was declared winner.

But talking about a woman’s weight is sacrilegious. Inspire of her name, she is still human. Her defense came,  she just gave life to another human being, another human in her image and likeness, for a moment she was like God. Do people understand that? Did she have to think of her weight while another human was inside her? Did she have to be picture perfect all the time? Isn’t she allowed to be human and fat sometime?

Talking about a woman’s’ weight is like saying the word ‘Niger’. The more we avoid saying it,  the more we want to say it. It’s discrimination, sexist, judging. We can’t keep our mouth shut. Weight gain is closer to the word ‘fat’, which means glutton, lazy,  undisciplined, depressed, unloved. Those were the words Kelly defends herself from.



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