In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Switcheroo.”

Will I switch site? The preferable choice of course is the one with millions of followers, or hits which means that that blogger has more interesting way of presenting her ideas. Maybe  wps’ intention is for me to check out writing styles, if, and only if I am cognizant of those. I’m not, unfortunately. I’ve read of one blogger whose blog caused the crashing of WordPress’ site, perhaps I would trade place with her.

Let me trade places once in a while. Kristen Lamb’s,  Bluchickenninja, Something to blog about, Terrible minds by Chuck wendig, encouraging life, life in between. I love the way Kurt Blindley writes poems, all of these bloggers if given the chance I want to stay inside their minds and experience the magnificent thought processing and word gathering that eventually show up in their blog.

I would trade places with these people if only to get inside their brain, a product of  years and years of training and experience and steal a part of those knowledge so I don’t have to go through them myself.

I yearn to be with their family who seem to be the most loving, caring, understanding, all supporting, ideal family that one ever has.

I wish to be friends with their friends, they are the people that I’d like  hanging out with, in good times or bad times.

I want to know what food they eat, the places they go, the things they do everyday. Just for a day for each one of them then I could be a better blogger.


What do you think?

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