In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ripped from the Headlines.” Rand Paul struggles to get campaign started smoothly

There was a battle in my bed last night. I put off sleeping early in my desire to come out with another post. And so I wrote and wrote then finally hit publish. While tinkering on WordPress again checking out another prompt, it dawned on me that what I posted was a mistake after all. Before I trash it, I saw two likes, so I  hit trash, then I changed mind, I hit restore, then finally retrash it. When I check Facebook, it was there, so I hit the delete button, too. I could have left it, it wasn’t a bad post anyway, I learned new things.

It’s about the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California geographically located right in the heart of this state providing watersheds, rivers and waterways. Thus we find great wineries, orchards and the best farm produce here. Aside from that communities living around here doesn’t have water meter, hundreds of years ago they rightfully felt an entitlement to these blessing. A mindset that needed reformatting owing to the onslaught of drought now in its fourth year.

Yes, I was a freelancer last night. Sitting in my bed, researching, reading different articles about this topic. Thanks for the Internet, no need to go to the library, conduct interviews or make a survey. Honestly I didn’t put off sleeping, my job kept me awake for a couple of hours. It made me excited learning new information simultaneously eager to share them to my readers. Which wasn’t what the posts was asking for. Delete.

If Rand Paul struggles to get campaign started smoothly, why don’t he come to California? It’s present dilemma might help him rethink his plans because the problem of climate change is not only political but personal as well.

(The prompt: Pick out the third headline in whatever you usually read, be sure to put in your post)


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