Skills in my Pocket


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If I Had a Hammer.”

Not only if, but I actually have a hammer which I bought. It’s color is pink, it came together inside a 17 inch lockable pink tool box together with other simple tools like screwdrivers, pliers, measuring tape, cutter all in uniform color of pink. I’m a girl and I love pink surrounding my stuff. It is clean, neat, happy, brings me good news each time my eyes lay on pink.

Of all the tools I find handy, it is the screwdriver. Lately I found out how a need for a screwdriver has evolved, depends on the slot, grooves and recesses. Proper use requires that the screwdrivers tip engage the head of a screw of the same size and type. the two most common are the simple slotted screws and Phillips.

Phillips screwdriver. The screw tip is in cruciform slot. It’s creator must be so smart because every time I needed something to screw, that is what I’m looking for. In fact, it’s gone from my pink toolbox, must’ve used it last time and left somewhere.

One time my boyfriend was assembling a tv stand in the living room.  I wasn’t feeling well so I laid down on the couch, while he squatted on the floor. My task was to read the instructions to him, a part he claimed he wasn’t good at. While he was figuring out the tools  and started picking out the screw I shouted out from the instruction paper

“screw u”,

“What?”, he yelled back at me, “what’s the next step?”

“screw u”, as I close my eyes. Suddenly I felt the instruction sheet pulled out from my hand, my eyes still close. I heard him gave a loud belly laugh as he learned that the screws were designated by letter and the first screw  was “screw u”.

After learning what he was going through, I joined in with his laughing, then we $&@& each other.






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