Interview with Cinderella


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Interview.” Interview your favorite fictional character.

Q.  How are you, Cinderella?

A.  I wish the night didn’t have to end. I love dancing around with the prince, meeting the king and queen. Never in my life have I been treated with dignity, love and respect, or be the center of attention, with all the beautiful ladies looking with envy at me. Nobody knew me until my fairy godmother came and changed me into this person. This I owe everything to her. For years and years every girl wanted to be me, I am so privileged and honored. I am so happy yet humbled.

Q.  What were you talking about during all those time you were dancing with him?

A.  Well you know I didn’t have that much time, first I have to leave at midnight which is when the party really starts. I didn’t arrive early either, even with finest running horses for my coach and that handsome mice for a coachman, it took some time to travel. He kept on inquiring my whereabouts every time, I was melting each time our gaze met. I would turn around as the music plays then he would forget his inquiries. I think he, too felt what I felt, I was floating on air, turning around as the magical music is playing. Both of us were cherishing every moment of this enchantment. But,  of course, my answer to his asking was I live within the kingdom.

Q.  How was your meeting with the fairy godmother?

A.  My mother used to tell me stories about her, and that she would come when I needed her. She was so pretty, sweet and loved me dearly. I hugged her so tight when she appeared and I was crying on her shoulders for a very long time. She ask me what was the problem. And so I told her about the ball and beautiful clothes and all the dreams that I never had the chance to tell anyone.

Q.   Did you see your stepsisters and stepmother while you were there? Didn’t they recognize you?

A.  Yes I saw them. But their eyes laid on my beautiful dress, it was shining with different streaks of color with every reflection of light.  And even if they lay sight on my face, they wouldn’t recognize me. They only knew me when they needed something to do, never looking at my eyes, I would be dismissed as soon as they see me.  They never wanted to see the rags I’m in or the dust and dirt I’m covered with.  They never really knew me at all.

Q.  Would you trade places with anyone, right now?

A.  You would be surprised to hear, yes I would. But only with someone who would bring happiness to girls like me. My fairy godmother. I bet she, too, came the same way I was. I would like for girls to believe that there is always someone there for you in the worst of times.

Q.  Would you marry the prince? Why?

A.  Yes I would. We were meant for each other and my duty to God and my country  is to give the offspring that would inherit and lead this kingdom to success.

Q.  Are you going to punish the people wicked to you?

A.  No, of course not. They only did what they’re supposed to do. People come with various nature, good and bad, kind and wicked. Otherwise,  how are we to rise in goodness if we’re never exposed to cruelty.

Thank you, Cinderella.



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